Music and Moods

Everyone is different when it comes to the type of music they enjoy. I mean different in how it speaks to them. Yet, music is also an art form that connects people and can speak to everyone at the same time.

What would our world look like without music, art, and literature?It would be as lifeless as if all the color was drained from the trees, flowers, and sky leaving only black and white with shades of gray.

Music takes us to places of the heart, the seat of our emotions. Music causes us to feel feelings we sometimes ignore or ones we can’t find words to celebrate. It can speak to our sadness in a set of stanzas and then, lift us up to the heavens in the next.

I’ve noticed a lot of people my age love the music of their youth. Is that because it causes them to feel their youth again- a glimmer of memories that comfort them? Or is it just the familiarity of the songs? If you ask someone in their 40’s or 50’s what “oldies” they like, it will most likely be the time they were in their teens or early twenties.

For me, I don’t really like the old songs. I like discovering new artists, new types of music, and new forms. I do like classical music- but that’s not the “oldies.” Sometimes it is fun to sing songs you know from your youth, but if I have the sheet music or the song memorized, I’d much rather sing Adele or Sarah Barielles’ music.

Regardless of whether someone slides toward the music of the bygone years or is exploring the newest artists, music is one of the greatest  conduit of our moods, our feelings, our aspirations, and our dreams.

What would an epic movie be without the sweeping score of music leading the viewer inside the story being represented on film? How much of a  hero would the character be without the rush of the musical score building up the momentum of the action on-screen?

Music feeds the soul. It speaks for us when we have no words. Thank you to the artists who have listened to their hearts and to the times we are in. They have listened to the muses and  composed music to reflect our humanity.

With all the free ways to for musicians to share their music- CD’s produced easily and You Tube broadcasting, we the public are more the richer. Free website radios like Pandora.com also give us the ability to explore music without spending a dime. There is so much creativity and the technological public highway now allows us all to express and share our talents.

I just wonder what is around the bend of the road with all of the arts? How much more of a chance do those of us who live to compose and play music, write stories and novels, or create fine art have the ability to have our passions, our gifts and craft shared with many?

With technology being the vehicle to share art globally, we have left the industrial age and the age of reason. We are returning to the age of the Renaissance- a time when exploring through the senses was validated and honored- when  man was seen as one who expressed himself and the world around him through the arts. Our age is hopefully becoming a balance of the whole man- the arts, reason, science and spirituality.

I can’t wait to see what’s ahead.


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