Flow and Intention

What makes our lives flow in the direction we desire?  Is intention and God’s divine plan the same or different?  I stand with both feet straddling  this river wondering how intentional I should be and how much I should be praying that God show me my intention.

My Christian peers would say that you pray about everything and seek God for his direction. I do, and I believe in prayer. I have seen the results. But what about intentions the so-called New Age of Consciousness?

Intention is what the gurus such as Wayne Dyer, Tim Robbins and Gabriella Bernstein talk about. You change your belief system and create the situation you want. Does this run contrary to the Christian faith?

My whole life, I have grappled with wanting to change my life- to move forward in my imagination of what I desired and wanted. I look back and see the only obstacle in my way was my own beliefs that were tucked so deep within my consciousness that it was on its own default system.

God wasn’t tripping me up. It says so many times in scripture that He desires good for us and not evil. That He wants us to delight in Him and He will give us the desires or our heart.

I wouldn’t be who I am without God’s presence in my life. But doesn’t it make sense too that as God made us in His image that means a lot to things?

When I think of God’s greatest accomplishments (not that I’m grading God you understand), I think of His creation. He is a creator. He spoke something out of nothing.

So why wouldn’t He want us to be co-creating in this lifetime? Why wouldn’t he want us to be making great strides in our lifetimes to fulfill scripture, to be made in His likeness?

Jesus performed miracles and walked on water. He was God in the form of man. The greatest miracle was Christ’s life fulfilled from a multitude of prophetic sayings from different sources, thousand of years before his arrival. Jesus was intentional. There was nothing he did not say or do that was not intentional.

When he rose from the dead and appeared to his disciples, he told them that the works he performed on earth, they would perform greater ones. Scripture states Christ saying many times how powerful we would be with the Spirit in us.

Yet, I find that besides Christians’ devotion to Christ and the Bible, many are still walking around frustrated and bogged down by life’s circumstances or by their own inner beliefs that keep them from moving forward.

If you read the words of the modern-day spiritual gurus, they always recognize God/Spirit/Source as being the power behind victory. But they put the responsibility of how you get the victory in each person’s hands ( or I should say mind). Through different methods, though all with a similar thread of intent, they tell of how to gain access to an individual’s power within.  And most of all, they speak of Love as being the motivation behind it all.

Why can’t the Christian walk join with the these methods and become the co-creators we were meant to be?

If I look at someone who is following the methodologies of  these new spokesmen for creating better lives with love as the predominant theme and I see the positive results in their lives, is this not good and something to emulate?

Or as Christians are we supposed to drag along and flail ourselves with misery and circumstances, waiting and begging for God to change them?

I choose to not try to put my feet on both sides of the river of these so-called camps, but jump into the flow of the river we call  life. Some people from both sides might call me confused or delusional or even weak in my faith, but I feel I have finally found some answers as to how God wants me to live my life. And besides, it’s amazingly great fun and a miracle to create from the seed of your thoughts and beliefs something into being in your life. Strange, isn’t that what faith is? The hope of things not seen but believed to be already?

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