Something Fun…

Something fun for a change. As many spices there are in the world, as many species of bugs there are, and as many “manys” there are, so is the definition of fun for each individual.

Something fun for someone going to monster car rallies is as different as someone who loves attending the opera. The combinations of something fun can be exponential. What if a statistician gathered a large amount of people’s idea of fun and categorized and counted the many combinations? Would the demographics reveal that a large percentage of those whose idea of fun is attending monster car rallies and  the opera? Highly doubtful.  But the combination of fun for attending monster car rallies and hunting might gather a larger number.

So can we categorize people’s socio-economic-educational demographic by what kind of fun they like to participate in? It might be impossible because something fun has so many variables. But, you could probably make some broad assumptions that had some validity about groups of people and the types of fun they enjoy.

Something fun for me is spontaneous. For instance I do not enjoy watching sports on TV. In fact, I really could care less about competitive sports. But take me to an actual event, and I am in the moment of the crowd. I am cheering on the team (call me fickle or ambivalent, but I choose the one with whomever I am with).  This sudden surge of excitement could be: 1. I want to enjoy and be in the moment to bond with the person I am with. 2. I am a very social animal and cheering on the team seems exciting. 3. I may have some latent love for sports I am not aware of, and if I consistently went to the same sporting event over a period of time, I would be come an avid supporter.

Our idea of something fun changes over time. The idea of swinging from a tire swing may have waned (though get me near a pair of swingsets and I am happy as a goose!).

Fun for me now is hiking, swimming, going to the opera (and not a monster car rally), traveling, having dinner with friends, and visiting friends in other cities where I once lived. It is going to art galleries, sipping hot chocolate by the fire in winter, and going to my favorite book store. The list goes on and on for me because I have so many interests.

What is your idea of something fun? I’d love to hear your many pleasures (hey keep it clean though-please)

Most of all make something fun of everything you do. Work should have an element of fun. Make your day fun!

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