Who is Your Audience?

Once upon a time there was a world that was much smaller and the people you knew and talked with fewer in number. The world was round and hard to reach.  Then a wire was created, a box with mega-chips, and energy running in the skies that allowed us all to reach further than our arms, further than our voices, and further than the post stamps we arranged on our packages and envelopes.

Today we are “global.” The world is “flattened.” We are multi-connected through wi-fi. In that wonderful cloud of wi-fi, we have many channels to turn to on our websites and emails. We have Facebook, Beknown, LinkedIn , YouTube and Skype. We meet people across the globe in a stroke of a key or a punch of a button.  It is exciting and amazing.

So do you ever ask, “Who is my audience?” We are opening many doors for friends, acquaintances, and even strangers to peer inside our life. Are we showing them the front room? the place where everything is arranged perfectly and always neat? Are are we taking them directly to the messy closet or laundry room?

The public sites where we love to share with one another are PUBLIC.  I heard of a story recently where a young man had stellar grades and a recommendation to enter one of the US Academy’s. It had been his dream to go there. Because of what he had displayed and talked about on his Facebook, the academy rejected him. With the revealing of his dirty laundry (or thoughts), his dream evaporated before his eyes.  Employers are looking into potential candidate’s Facebook or other public sites. They are looking for potential worries or character.

The question of who our audience is has another aspect-our ability to impact or influence others.  People can put their passions and their thoughts for others to ponder and comment on. Discussion groups can be arranged around specific topics or open forums.  We can learn from each other. We network our businesses and opportunities with each other. We inspire with quotes or beautiful photographs or linked sites.

Public sites can also be our entertainment. Funny jokes, You Tube entries, or pictures and cartoons can amuse and delight your audience.

It is interesting to see how people want to connect with others and how they want to share.  Someone’s home-cooked dinner by their spouse shows up, or a proud new grandmother or grandfather holding the precious infant in their arms. Accomplishments, whether they be the funny quip from a mother of young children saying she actually accomplished something beyond wiping peanut butter and jelly from her three-year old’ s face or picking up the multitude of toys for the third time that day. A new job or promotion, a marathon completed, or a project finished are all things we can now share with the world.

Which brings me to a slight annoyance about what words do appear on these public sites: “I am going shopping today,” or “My dog has the runs and is ruining my carpet” seems mundane and totally unneccessary.  Or there is the person who is such a party monkey that all you ever see are photos of them mimicking the Hollywood actors with their poses and flashy grins. It is a range from not having much to say to “look at me, my life is great.”

Then we have our camps of political and religious views (and this includes the New Age views).  Poking fun at other camps or just blasting your audience with over the top placards of  your perceptions can sometimes be overwhelming.

Still, this is the wonderful blessing we have in America-freedom of speech.  We are expressing our wishes, passions, beliefs, and hearts. So though it’s a mix of all the above and more, it is a wonderful experience.

I am glad to be part of this technological age. I can talk and see people across the globe. I remember as a kid seeing Space Odyssey where the man is talking to his family in space. The thought of actually seeing a person far away just seemed so unreal and unreachable. Today, I lead multi-cultural, mult-country and multi-site meetings all around the world with several people. I have met beautiful people in Asia and Africa and Europe that have become dear to me.

When someone tells me they don’t like all these public websites  and technological advances, I scratch my head in wonder and amusement. I want to say, “Are you a hundred years old or dead?” I think of when cars came into being and more were showing up on the roads. The reaction for many was that those “contraptions” were useless and not as wonderful as the horse and buggy. Or what about when silent films were set aside for the “talkies?” Those die-hard silent film stars died on the vine while people went in droves to the theatre to hear people talking ( Note: Recently saw the movie  The Artist about a person who was a famous silent movie star that resisted the new changes- wonderful movie).

Progress is happening at a rapid pace with no signs of slowing down. In businesses, IT departments are no longer a side of the business that connects computers up and runs a few programs. IT departments are the tracks and the train that moves the business. The train is moving faster and faster. We all better hop on board or be left behind kicking stones with out feet and walking our way to the next station.

The next time you post something on Facebook or post a YouTube video, take a pause and ask yourself, “Who is my audience?” You might actually be sharing something that would help another person, be it a laugh or information or inspiration.



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