Moving and Transitions

My New City-Austin

I’m here in Austin, Texas. After a year of weighing the pros and cons of leaving the gorgeous mountains of Colorado, I am here. You know how it is when you decide to make a big life change? It takes some doing (or shall I say -undoing) to let go of the ideas and preconceptions you might have before leaping into the unknown.

I had to rifle through all the doubts and secondaries about the move-everything from no more winter snows, hotter in Texas, hiking in the mountains, and more.

It helps to have people you know in the city where you are moving. Friends and a place to land are so wonderful. The hardest part is not having a job just yet. There are two camps out there about making a move- 1. don’t until you have a job and 2. You can’t get a job until you are in town.  I tried the first for awhile and then decided to go with the latter.

Grace and faith have to be your constant companions when you move without a secure net underneath you. I have found grace in the form of Lawrence who is a generous soul and is allowing me to be his house guest for the time being. Giving is always an opportunity to receive and to give back. I buy groceries and cook for a life long bachelor. It’s a good trade for both!

Faith is your belief in your decision. It is knowing that regardless of the present circumstance, if you believe in the desired outcome and do your homework (and yes, searching for the right job is homework), it will happen.

I know I am supposed to be in this wonderful city of Austin. It is filled with meet up groups, wonderful music, and interesting people (also, great places to eat!).  It feels like new and yet, because it’s Texas, it feels like home.  Ahh!

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