Relationships and Love

Separation- a poem


The space between us, a column of light.

Hope for a new beginning

Clean and bright.

Hold it sacred in this space.

Innocent in the moment.

Love fresh with the scent of possibilities.

Why can’t we cast aside the old sins of love gone bad?

Why can’t we enter the garden once more,

Just you and me?

Naked in this innocence of fresh beginnings?

Doesn’t every moment in the beginning start this way?

I want this column of light to stand as our protector,

A beacon of truth that shines inward,

Cleaning out the corners of our hurts, pains, and sad memories.

Its brilliance sometimes hurts our eyes.

Shielded from our own truths, unfamiliar ground of where we’ve been.

But take my hand, my lover.

Enter in where soul meets soul.

In all its messiness, it is still pure in our eyes.

Your eyes are my eyes, your journeys reflection of where I have been.

We hold this time to our breasts, praying for final relief.

From wandering through days of loneliness.

Let the sun shine,

Between our eyes, our thoughts, our arms.

And if we need some shade,

We’ll make an arbor of compassion,

To cool each other’s temples and

Lie together once more.

Victoria Yeary

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