Spring Fever- Level Setting?

I am supposed to be working right now, but listening to the Gypsy Kings on Pandora.com only makes me want to stop writing commercial copy and write about my thoughts. I want to write about how happy Spanish music and how the flamenco guitar stir something up in me like no other music. I want to write about the street where I am living and the green trees and the gardens in full bloom.

So this is what I call taking a Spring Fever break- a chance to let the thoughts form words and play a bit on these white spaces.

Nothing in particlar, but when you are a writer, it is what you do. Others pick up the guitar and play a few whimsical chords or work on a peice they haven’t quite got down yet. Maybe someone else plays chess or saduko for awhile.

We all need that wonderful intoxication of Spring Fever, even if we are in a geographic location where there is still 40 degree weather. Why do they call it Spring Fever?  I would guess because nature is breaking us out of dull winters (that in many parts of the world last entirely too long) which resembles our longing to break through the routine of our lives. Be it literally going outside and taking in the beauty of a tree’s  fresh coat of green leaves or color in the form of flowering bushes and plants, taking a break and just enjoying the moment-breathing in the moment is important.

My Spring Fever break looks like this- the door  to my bedroom is open, and my small dog is lying on the floor and staring out at birds making their music and prospective squirrels in the area. Three lucious trees are waving their leaves at me, and a romantic spanish guitar is playing me a serenade.  Amazing- as soon as I finish this, I will be back to my web writing, but my brain and emotions will feel refreshed-energized.

That is what  Spring Fever  is about – letting the energy within you recharge. Just breathing deep and staring at a bit of nature calms one, or as a new friend informed me recently-to ‘level set’ me. Call it level set, recalibrate, or spring fever, it’s all about coming to the center of who you are and realizing you are in a good place because you have connected with yourself and nature (or music, or words, or a passion).

If we all did it more often, especially in those moments when fear rises up, we could put it all in perspective. Spring Fever is all about putting it in perspective.

What does Spring Fever mean to you?

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