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Word Power

Our words are powerful. We can use them to encourage and lift up one another. We can use them to persuade and invigorate people to a cause. We use them to develop others, our children, our partners and even people we meet casually.

We can also tear down ourselves and others with our words. We can easily defeat others with our words. We can easily allow words to defeat us. Words spoken carry responsibility.

Laurie Beth Jones,  business consultant  and popular author wrote a book many years back that had am impact on me. It’s title is Power of Positive Prophecy: Finding the Hidden Potential in Everyday Life.

It is a book about the power of our words to others and to ourselves. It is now a popular topic to talk about how our words affect our reality. It is popular to in our age of consciousness and awareness to speak about the power of how words bring about the change.

Laurie Beth Jones uses an interesting figure as her touching point for the power of prophecy Jesus Christ.  She uses scripture and Jesus’ words that created real change-healing and the power for men to follow him and become his disciples.

I have struggled with my own words throughout my life. I have burned with a desire to affect my life and not have life affect me. I have tried my best in raising my children to use positive words of encouragement and help paint the pictures of potential for their lives. But for every positive word I have spoken, I have probably spoken twice the amount of negative words.

I like words. I like using them in powerful ways in writing. But it is usually the spoken words or the ones self-directed at my weaknesses that are used most often.

What if we all stopped using negative words for a day? No commenting on how a person looks, or telling one friend your opinion of a mutual friend behind their back, or saying something negative about the world, up coming elections, or the guy in front of you in traffic.

Do you know how much power would resonate through you and in the world? Now, let’s take it a step further.  Let’s look at the world through positive lenses. Let’s use that same day to intentionally comment on everything in a positive way. It’s all about perspective and our ability to turn it on a dime to something wonderful.

Jesus said to bless our enemies and turn the other cheek. Why? Doesn’t that just let the accountability factor slide to nil?  Accountability is still needed. We are not human doormats.  We need to be wise and not fools. I don’t think this passage is about the other person, but about the readiness of our heart to forgive and let go, so that we can move on.

In my own heartaches involving others, I bless the person many times as I am going through the process of healing. It helps release the pain and the ego. We can say thank you to all of life’s lessons and see how it helps us along the path.

I think of all the impactful people who have used words in a powerful and positive way -Ghandi, Mother Teresa, the founders of our country, etc. But right now, I’m thinking of a character from a movie- Forrest Gump. We all love Forrest and Tom Hanks in the role because his words and outlook created happiness.  He accepted and appreciated people and situations. We all aspire to be like this character.

Let’s be kind to ourselves as well. When was the last time you looked in the mirror and said loving things? Start there. Our love and appreciation for ourselves is where we foster compassion and acceptance for others.

And whatever words you use for the Divine Creator -God, The Universe, Source or any other word, this is the bottomless well of love and powerful feelings. It is the birthplace for our loving thoughts and words.

As we retrain our tongues and thoughts toward a more positive approach, our lives will change. The by-product will involve happiness and feeling lighter and stronger.  Just try it for a day or two. It might be more fun than cursing the person in front of you in traffic.


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