Making It Real

How Simple Is it?

How simple is it to appreciate the day?

How simple is it to love the person who may not know you care so deeply?

How simple is it to hold the hand of a friend?

How simple is it to embrace your faults and weaknesses, knowing that it is all good?

How simple is it to look at a child and see how much he is the one who knows the truth more than all of the blind adults  in this world, who cannot see beyond the physical?

Simple is pure. Simple is being present. Simple is appreciating this moment, of being in the arms of God, the arms of love.

Simple is knowing that no matter what happens, it is all temporary in this world of illusion. 

Simple is surrendering to the unknown. 

I long for this moment of simple. I reach for the simple in my heart-that only needs God, but desires the arms of a man around me. 

I long for simple being able to grasp the richness of my grandson’s smile or touch. His chubby, small fingers touching me.

SImple is today-this moment wrapped up for me and tied with a bow. Smile. Simple is here to lead the way. 

I will follow.


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