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I Think To Myself-What A Wonderful World.


Last evening, I came home and made myself a wonderful dinner of pecan crusted chicken, squash and mushroom medley along with a great glass of red wine. Sometimes being alone is all about what you make it. Making a nice dinner for one is just as important as for a family. I settled into dinner and watched Grey’s Anatomy while dinner cooked in the oven. I felt bliss. I felt love for myself and for life in general.

I wrote the blog Simple because everything felt simple and wondrous and uncomplicated. I sent the peice to a few friends and called a man that I feel a deep connection with and read it to him. It’s not that outstanding in what is says. I wasn’t particulary insightful or creative. But it was my experience in that moment. And I wanted so much for someone to feel the bliss that I was feeling in that moment.

That’s the curious thing about the human experience. We individually create and experience our own feelings. If we could just use a Spock manuever, and instead of a mind merge, do a heart merge with another person. It is the reason why humans love going to art events-music, plays, art galleries- because we want to experience together the event, the feelings that evoke a union that allows us to share with one another.

I usually am looking for a love interest to merge my experience with. Love is the ultimate attempt to merge with another. I want to write to and about that person. I want the person to see me, to experience me and in doing so become closer to me. It sometimes works this way, but we are still so individual that it never is quite what I would like.

I now realize that writing to the world is better than writing to one person, who may or may not get you. If you write to the world, the kindred souls will come out of the woodwork and hug you for speaking about what they feel and sometimes cannot articulate-their human experience.

Jesus came to earth to experience being human, to identify with us. I believe he felt all of the human emotions we each experience. Being human and being God is pretty tricky work. It is our model of how God desires us to live. Living in the power of Love and being human, experiencing our emotions authentically is where the bliss is.

What I don’t believe is that Jesus came to keep us in the position of powerlessness. Loving God and God loving you is not about a life of misery. Yes, there are lessons we each have that are meant to carry us deeper into the arms of Him and into our human experience. I know, you are saying the idea seems a little Polyannish. Tragedy and the opposite (contrast) to Love is everywhere, in abundance!

How do we get our arms around this? I’m not here to answer this vast question. It has many angles, lights, and perspectives that make no sense to us standing on this round planet called Earth. But I do know it is part of our human experience as well.

Just as we gather in times of joy and bliss, we gather in times of crisis. Those of us who step in to help our brother across the state or across the world experience and  see firsthand how courage and heartache and resiliance is also part of the human experience.

Mary Hoffman, Inner guide to the human experience and friend says that it is when we are in the darkest place there is opportunity to mine the most precious jewel-ourselves.

I hope you see every part of your experience as something that is valuable and precious. How you feel about this is your indicator of what is coming next. By this I mean we have emotional reactions that we cannot control. It is natural to have them, but what we do with them is critical to what is next.

I resist being alone, being without a mate, but last night I made my evening alone one that I will treasure. I gathered up a feeling of bliss in the simple dinner and the evening to carry  with me for the next 24 hours.

I am listening to the classical old song I Think To Myself, What a Wonderful World.  I encourage you to make yourself a nice little dinner tonight and listen to this song, making your human experience one of bliss.

God Bless You.

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