Moving and Transitions

An Epigram of Autumn

I am the mysterious season.  With my arrival, the scorching sun of summer is pushed back to its place as I begin the path, heralding the arrival of winter. But whether you are live in the warmer states or up north, I am this in-between season, cheated above all the other seasons. I am also the precursor of mystery, of new changes. One day you can be in shorts and sandals, and then the wind howls and the clouds mingle together and brings a snap of cool to cold with possible rain. There is no denying. I have arrived! I have shaken the trees of its leaves, withered the grass of its green, and I am here.

I come with darker nights, cooler evenings and a shiver to the spine when you are out in it. The holiday of Halloween layers more intrigue, more dramatics to my fanfare of color. In some ways the flaming colors I bring shout louder than the long and languid summer of green. I’m here so quickly and then gone, I must be at my best.

I would say I even rival spring. That verdant green that shyly peeks its way out through winter ground, and then once it has a hold on old-man winter, celebrates with a multitude of color. We are both the short seasons-the ones people greet more happily because we don’t outwear our welcome like winter and summer.

Do you ever hear someone say, “Oh, autumn has arrived. I wish it would hurry up and be over. I want winter soon?”

Spring is my kindred cousin on the other side of winter. When spring arrives there is never complaints that one wants winter to stay. Winter and summer have their good points, but I believe (ever so humbly, of course) that I am the most exciting and thrilling in a way that spring is not. Spring is beautiful and awe-inspiring, but I incite thrills and excitement. I create the drum roll for the highest holidays of all-Christmas and New Year’s Day when everyone is in highest form.

So while I am here, shaking gold coins at your feet from the tree tops, give me my accolades too. Shout to me how beautiful I am! How mysterious I am as I come and then leave so quickly that you wish, perhaps just once, I too would out stay my welcome.

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