Fall’s Meditation on Letting Go

I walk a few steps further…
Into the deeper folds of the forest of red and golds.

“Forest will you take me in? Will you share your secrets?
Will you teach me the meditation of letting go?”

It beckons me to a bed of quilted leaves-more gold, red, and orange with strings of green grass peeking out between.

“Lie here. Feel anchored to the earth.” It seems to say, as I gently
lower my body onto the pallet, rustling leaves accommodating my frame.

“Look up,” the aspen trees whisper standing tall above me in their slender poses. Gold coins fluttering and singing songs on the wind lull me to a place outside my busy head, anxious heart.

“Let go.” Sky as blue as blue, clouds as white as white.
Music from within starts to play. Swirling colors feel free.

Doubt, fear climb out from me, scurrying deep in the dirt floors.
“Return to Love.”
It shimmers, it beats the golden drum.

Satisfied as amber honey, I rise from my still place.
Autumn closes its door on summer warm,
And opens up a new me.

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