What If ??

What if every time I made a decision it was the right one?

What if every time I opened my mouth, I said the right thing?

What if every time I looked at the person in front of me, beside me, or behind me, I smiled and sent them love? Even if they triggered something otherwise in my fragile ego?

What if every worry, every concern I had for the present situation, the possible future situation, was swept away, surrendered to the great unknown?

What if I just stopped in the midst of my fear of not having, in the fear of failing, and the fear of not having what I want was just suspended? Just put on hold, or abolished because I knew everything always works out for me?

What if my dreams came true? No, really came true? What if all the possible positive what if’s came pouring down into my life?

Would I be able to stand it? Would I be able to receive all of it?

But what if I actually already have what I want? What if it’s been in the palm of my hand, but I have been holding my hand in a fist-too tight to see it was there all the time?

What if all I need, all I want is already been given? What if what I need for today has already been supplied? I just need to accept and open my hands? I just need to accept that it is all working out, that I am being led?

What if I just grabbed onto the fact that there are no facts too big, too difficult to overcome? That facts change daily?

No more what if’s. Just what is will be enough for today.

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