Relationships and Love

When Women Were Women and Men Were Men

The New Era

It Was a Time When Women Were Women, and Men Were Men
It was a time when women were women, and men were men. When each knew the rules and lived by them.

It was a time when women were women.
Pushed back to the mundane after riveting the metal to ships, building the plane’s propeller that men flew overseas protecting their women.
We stayed on our side of the fence, even if it meant buttoning down the throat,
Even if it meant living vicariously through our children, especially our sons.

It was also a time when being a woman was about being a virginal mother, chaste, and wholesome while raising your children with the help of Dr. Spock’s bestseller.
All the while wearing your high heels and push up bras, and dresses that celebrated your curves.

We cooked, we cleaned, and we fucked our husbands willingly.

It was a time when men were men.
They sucked it up, even if they were scared and had no idea how to be a wolf on wall street.
They brought home the bacon, and the cigarettes and the vodka for the dry martini the lovely wife stirred ever so gently for them.
They had it tough too.

But between the rules and lines, there was love for freedom, masculine and feminine.
There was lines blurred with blacks standing up for their rights.
Like a tight sweater on Marilyn Monroe, there was freedom bursting out of the souls of the young marching for rights.
There was Malcom X and Martin Luther King shaking the box,
And the young men whose mothers had hoped for a glorious future, shipped off to a place beyond the sea, and sometimes shipped back in a box.

It was a time when women were women, and men were men.
But discontent with the rules, with the boxes created in an old world, an ordered world, both men and women peered secretly to the left, wondering how an affair with their individuality, with the urges building up within could be released.
Everything was changing. We were itching within the scenes of our lives, trying hard to go back to when women were women, and men were men.
But like a suit washed and dried too long, it didn’t fit anymore. We didn’t fit anymore.
Written by Victoria Yeary
December 3, 2014 8:05 PM

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