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Anticipation of the First Meeting of an Online Date

Young couple having coffee --- Image by © Mika/Corbis
Young couple having coffee — Image by © Mika/Corbis

Anticipation of the First Meeting of an Online Date.

It is the fresh opportunity,

The swirling of our imaginations and longings

that create a prelude before the first scene has been written.

What will I wear? Where shall we meet?

What energy and vibe will I carry in my heart?

Act all neutral, nonchalant as if the canvas is blank.

Stirrings are going on below the surface.

And then the texts, emails float away as we meet.

Sparks? You sitting across from me- expressions moving across the planes of your face.

I look for more of who you really are. I look to find the treasure of who you are.

Talk-easy or strained? Excited or dull? All the algorithms calculating in each of our minds to find if there is a possible first or second scene to this play?

How do I feel as we converse? laugh and share a bit more of who we are.

How can we reach deeper in these first glimpses of each other? How do we get past the ego trying so hard to make center stage?

Relax I tell  myself. Breathe in and out. Nothing to prove…only be in the moment. Sit back and appreciate this interaction, even if it’s just for  few hours, even if you know it’s the last one you might have or one of many.

Relax and be me. Relax and appreciate deeply this person, this moment.  Step back and observe: my thoughts, my words spoken, and his as well.

Surrender to whatever is right for both people. Surrender and enjoy!

No fantasies. No expectations. What is right is right. What is not is an open door for another opportunity.

Anticipation is just another word for wonder, for adventure!

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