A Conversation Among Friends: The Writing Life

I am glad to know these amazing women are gathering to share the writing life with all of us as writers. Anne Hillerman I have had to pleasure of knowing and she is a great inspiration.

Source: A Conversation Among Friends: The Writing Life

2 thoughts on “A Conversation Among Friends: The Writing Life”

  1. Victoria, thanks so very much for sharing and expanding the conversation about writing, friendship, and life. Anne Hillerman is indeed a great inspiration—not only an incredible writer, but an incredible generous and kind spirit. Thanks ever so much.

    1. Hi Dawn,
      I couldn’t agree more about her spirit! I used to live in Santa Fe and am a writer. I’m seeking to be published this year with my novel: In Search of Madonna. I’ll enjoy following you and the other women of Santa Fe! I wish I was living back there now! Thank you Dawn. I will delve more into your wordpress site when not writing!

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