Love and Sunsets

You hang in little spaces

like motes on an afternoon shaft of light.

Floating and yet, I cannot catch you

or find a surface big enough

where you will land to examine what or who you are.

A brief brilliance and you appear bigger,

almost solid to my eyes.

But float away you do, and I am left in a new haze.

One that feels strangely familiar and alien.

Can I not see clearly what is in front of me?

Can I not make shapes with meaning?

You are shapeless. You have no meaning, no definition.

For if you did, I would see and believe.

I would gather you up and take you home with me.

Close to my heart, close to my senses.

And yet you float, unattainable, unreachable,

as I gaze at your brilliance,

and wonder why such a thing of beauty is so quickly gone.


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