Finding Christmas Joy in a Gingerbread Latte

No, you cannot find real Christmas joy in a gingerbread latte or a peppermint mocha. But just as many items and icons represent this important holiday, I do believe a Christmas latte shares the space.

Hot cocoa with marshmallows and gingerbread men. New year, concept of a still-life Christmas.

When I think of the biggest purveyor of holiday latte’s, I naturally think of the nation’s largest coffee house- Starbucks. I’m not a fan of SB. I prefer local coffee houses and local roasters. Yet, I love going to Starbucks around the Christmas Holidays.

There are certain locations if you visit just a day or two before Thanksgiving and Christmas is filled with the out of town family’s gathering there for a quick cup of mocha or gingerbread latte.

I’m usually alone, but seeing the family’s gather and sip their hot beverages gives me a good feeling. My children are spread out all over the states. It’s rare for us to be together. So, I go and see the joy of families together. No, it’s not creepy and I don’t go from location to location, lurking in the background. I just like being in convivial places at this time of year. And yes, I like a festive flavored latte!

My joy is found in other places during the holiday season: In the decorations, the music, the holiday festivities and most of all the true place of joy- the message of Christ. That joy runs deep within me. I can take it anywhere. And Christmas Eve service is always a treat.

I was planning a trip to Glenwood Springs and staying at the Hotel Colorado for Christmas Eve. It’s a large hotel built in the 1800’s with a grand lobby. Hotels are not built anymore with twin walk-in fireplaces at each end of a football field length lobby and wood paneled walls. And at this time of the year, they deck it out extravagantly! I cancelled this week because I am recovering from being ill.

It’s all good, though this is a great place of celebration and family’s being together. Next year we are planning a family Christmas together, perhaps there!

Meanwhile, I visit with friends, wrap and send packages and sip a gingerbread latte.  Merry Christmas to you all! The blessings of God be on you and your loved ones!

To my beautiful daughters:

I love you! Merry Christmas my gingers!



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