The Virtue of Humor

He makes me laugh! His wit and humor strikes something deep within me, jiggles my insides, and gives me insight into his intelligence- how he sees the world. I’m in as much anticipation of how he will delight my funny bone as I am how he will tickle my sexual fancy. 

Humor is more than a laugh. And in a relationship, it can become a type of interchange between a couple that stands for certain expressions, words or events. They may be in a public place and her wink and a statement such as, “200 thousand leagues,” may bring a huge grin to his face as he quickly whisks her away from a boring dinner party they are attending.

Or sweet mispronunciations of their children’s favorite stuffed animal may always bring them back to a place of where they started as a couple and as parents.

Humor has been known for its healing properties. And in a relationship that will get plenty of doses of ups and downs, humor maybe the virtue that allows the relationship breathing room.

Humor is also a place to allow the other person space to catch up or to slow down the tempo of their day or  a partner’s intensity. It equalizes and sets what is really important into perspective. It serves as one way of approving the other person. Laughing at a person’s witty remark or funny joke gives them an audience, an encouragement of their own sense of fun and humor.

And Humor is a sign of a quick wit, a perspective. It can straighten a sour disposition sometimes. Some of the great humorists of the past are quoted continually: Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, Steve Martin, Jim Carey and even Issac Asimov to name only a few.

Humor gives life to all of us. It is a moment of pure joy. Laughing in a marriage or partnership is necessary. It may be attending a comedy club, playing a game with your neighbors, laughing at kids cute phrases, and most of all not taking oneself too seriously.
If you can laugh at yourself and each other in a fond kind of love, the heart is lighter and the road is smoother.

I leave you with some quotes:

I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a word I am saying- Oscar Wilde

Get your facts first and then you can distort them as you please- Mark Twain

A day without sunshine is like, you know, night -Steve Martin

Behind every great man is a woman, rolling her eyes- Jim Carey

People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do-Issac Asimov

Humor many times may come at your own expense. And if it is funny enough, you willingly give away your pride in order to draw a laugh. My own latest story happened this evening:

My grandson, Otis turned 7, today, on February 7th. I made him a homemade card and placed cash inside of it. I also decorated the envelope. At the same time,  I wrote a thank you card to my sweet cousin to send in the mail. Both envelopes were sky blue.

As I ran out of the apartment, I grabbed Otis’ card to give to him. We had a short impromptu meeting at Chik Fil A. I picked up both Otis and his brother Ogden to meet their mother and stepfather at the restaurant.

In my haste and effort to get the boys out of the car, I dropped the card going into the restaurant. As we were opening gifts, I realized I did not have the card, ran outside and spied a blue envelope in the middle of the parking lot!

I ran to pick it up. As I did, I looked at the card and realized not only had I dropped the card, but I had the wrong card! It was my thank you note to my cousin, now with black tire marks all over the back of it. Otis’ birthday card was back on the table at the apartment.

I took it inside, explained to everyone what had happened! Otis burst out laughing! He thought is was so funny that his Lolly had not only grabbed the wrong card, but the one I now held in my hand  had tire marks all over it. We all went on about dropping things and even joked about me being careful getting the food because I might drop it on the ground.

Now this doesn’t sound very funny. But in this case, I promise you, we will expound on the silliness of Lolly for at least another couple of weeks. And by the way, on the way to the car, Otis dropped his brand new stuffed Mario character in almost the exact same place. Lolly ran to retrieve this as well.

Otis and I had a good laugh about that! I’m wondering if I should run over his card a few times before giving it to him. You know, just for a good laugh!

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