Writing as a writer-why we do it

I am staring a digital blank screen on my WordPress. I am not sure what I want to write about yet; I have some ideas.

WordPress has become wildly popular, mainstream almost. I think of it as a platform that writers now have but fifteen years ago the closest thing you could get to publishing something was a magazine article, a book or a  letter to the editor in your local newspaper!

Writing is something a writer is compelled to do. If it’s in a journal, a white paper for class, an editorial, a novel, or something posted on social media, then the writer is happy…temporarily. Because you may hammer out a blog page or a novel, but the need to write-that thirst-is never quenched.

Everyone likes to express themselves, be heard. Writing online is a huge medium for getting your feelings across or sharing information. But for those of us who love to write, love to find the right word, the right arrangement of words to convey a meaning, a thought, or a feeling, it is immensely satisfying!

I am currently working on my second novel. It is a lot of work arranging the characters, the plot, and the details of a certain time period. It is a project that brings great pleasure. I show up for my characters and they show up for me-ready to play their part as I type madly on the keyboard.

Writing is an art. One to be practiced and practiced. It is like any other discipline. You keep at it, and it becomes better…to a point. Then comes imagination, the playfulness of the writer, the creativity of the mind and soul. Great stories rise up from a place deep inside us. These stories at times feel like they are from another world being spoken to us through our fingers strumming out the letters.

It is magical, like any art. There is a framework, a set of rules that we all adhere to, but just as a musical instrument or a blank canvas is the framework, the instrument, to create, so is the page. Writers are in control of what is being typed. And sometimes we are not. Winding its way forward in some mysterious path through our brain, the words surprise us, delight us, and perhaps, even disturbs us. Words can comfort, can challenge, and can guide.

Writers have to keep writing. It is our obsession. We don’t write one novel, one article and brush the palms of our hands together and proclaim we are done! We are always finding ways to use language to express something.

I once dated a psycho-therapist who had written 29 books. (It was so weird because he would actually introduce himself and say he was an author and then tell the person the number of books he had written!)

He hated writing. He had a formulae of sorts and wrote only to sell his books at his conferences (29 and counting!).

Yet, when he saw me writing and read my writing, he called me a true writer. He recognized that I love writing! He saw how it was my passion, not a way to manipulate words and thoughts for conferences. He was an author but not a writer. I am an author and writer!

To all the writers out there- don’t give up your passion. Make it more than an avocation. You have a gift-USE IT-Everyday!

My best and soulful wishes go out to you! Viva la Words!

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