Relationships and Love

Don’t Try So Hard

Thoughts for  every girl:

Don’t try so hard
to like him, to please him.
Try harder to like you, to please you.

Don’t try so hard to present yourself.
The world is full of people seeking approval.
You don’t have to.

Just stop and observe.
You will learn more about a person’s true character
if you aren’t busy trying to show yours.

Hold the integrity of who you are sacred.
Bend, be flexible, but if the core of you
feels inside a compromise too great,
a giving up of who you are to make another happy,
you are lying, to yourself, to him.

Be brave. Ask the hard questions, to him, to yourself.
It’s better knowing where he is and where you are
then to head down the wrong path together for too long.

Find out why you are over giving. Is it for something in return?
To cover an idea of inadequacy?
To please some more? to fulfil an idealised dream of romance?

You are worthy of receiving. Open your head, your arms and heart to receive.
Know you are worthy of love.
Be good to yourself. You are all you need at this moment. You and God.

He is Love. Draw on this love. Draw on the love you do have in your life,
from your pet to your friends, to your family.

Go outwardly. Find a way to give away a smile,
a hand, your time, to someone in need. Be thankful and grateful.

Turn your face to the sky and take in all that is good.
Let go. Let go of your expectations, timelines, and fears it won’t happen.

Know it is all perfect. In this moment, you are where you need to be.
Keep your thoughts on good things. The right one will show up. He has to.

You’re ready when you are ready. He could be around the corner. But meanwhile, this is your life. Seize it and enjoy it fully!





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