Relationships and Love


Words don’t come yet. They cannot convey the miracle I have waited so long for. This holy thing happening within me. Between us. It may be too sacred to utter aloud.

And in uttering, this fluttering of promise within my breasts,

This seed sown deep in my soul,

Growing mightily in the deep recesses of my heart,

May be too young, too wild, too vulnerable to

Encase in words.

So, I hold it dear, celebrating this co-joining of thoughts,

Of like sentiments and longings.

I hold it tenderly, fearing its fragility.

I hold it fast, fearing the power it has over me

It may sweep me out to places I have only dreamed.

I cannot dream past today.

Though my silent words, my inner thoughts have taken flight

Across the possible future of our lives. 

Flying free, flying high in the clouds of tomorrow,

Ailerons and sweet flights of you and me.

I hold on to today, as best I can.

Feet partially grounded,

I step into the present with you.

I savor this step, this moment,

Knowing it will never come again.

And with each step, each moment,

My fragility will be replaced with faith.


Victoria Yeary

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