Love Me Like A Spy

Your soft rubber soles make no sound upon the gravel walk.

You come as the moon rises high in the sky, dressed for spying, for observing.

Your black covered mask and slim leather gloves reveal nothing about who you are,

As you peek into my world.

My mess of curls splayed across the pillow, my eyes shut, dreaming.

And your keen eyes watch.

Morning streaks into my day,

You, still there on my ledge, watching as I rise, throw my covers back, and stretch my long arms, heavenward.

You are a secret I do not see, as I pad into the kitchen, preparing coffee, and curl upon the couch to open up my imagination and build stories in the early hours.

You are curious; daylight will reveal you though.

You remove your mask and gloves, trying to appear normal as you peer inside the windowpanes of my day.

Over my shoulder, you glance at the words appearing, the thoughts laid out and intricacies of a storyline woven within it.

You must gather more information about me though the pinkness of the day is rising, too brightly for you to stay, to observe who I am.

You leave before daybreak exposes your cover. You leave for another night.

Return again.

Love me like a spy, love me in the dark, love me secretly, love me in the warm caresses of your arms.

Love me across the barren moments of time,

Love me clandestinely,

Love me in the recesses of your heart, where no one else has entry, the secret locked places.

Let me love you. Unmask your feelings, your fears.

Let me enter into the secret cellars of your mind.

Stop hiding in the dark. Stop pretending you are someone else when you stand so near me, breathing in the smell of my hair.

Listen carefully, You have only moments left before The day exposes you.

Love Me Like A Spy

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