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I Felt You Coming in the Fall

I felt you coming in the fall, 
When the leaves turn gold and crimson, 
These notes of summer past,
drop to the ground. 

I felt you drawing near in fall, 
degrees of heat cooling.
And all that is alive goes underground 
to slumber for a season.

Yet nothing was asleep in me. 
Anticipation like the first frost
nipped at my heart, crystals of 
sunlight shone in possibility 
of what was to come. 

You had not arrived, as yet. 
Not until the new year,
When new things herald in 
a fresh start laid down,
Like snow's pure blanket on a cold winter morning. 

I felt you coming in the fall. 
The cool, cool breeze
blew into the heatwave,
swirling the cool among the heat 
feeling more like fresh spring speaking to me new things. 

It is a sign of what's to come, it whispers in my ear.
Something warm and wild and surprising
is coming your way.
It's breath warming me, 
a promise of a dream I had. 

You came in January, dressed in your finery
the beginning of Epiphany
How miraculous,
You, a godsend in my life. 

I brought mine,
My gold and crimson hair
and gown. 
Cautiously, slowly to this affair. 
I wore my magnificence
To the Dream Cafe.

Dreams are what I fasten together
in bits and pieces, over time.
Dreams are what I bury deep beneath the soil of hope.
This dream came in the fall 
while I gave you gifts, of body and breath in winter,
while I lay my body next to you, in warmth.

And where the dream goes
And how it ends,
No one knows, 
You have your part.
And I have mine. 

I hope you feel me in the fall
I hope you see me in spring and summer
In each season with the gifts it brings.
May we celebrate our coming together. 

Victoria Yeary
February 6, 2022

You have come to me in winter.

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