About Victoria Yeary

Hi! Thanks for coming on to my blog and reading some of my thoughts on Love and Relationships.

It’s such a passion of mine to write about human relationships, especially those of the romantic kind.

Understanding how we interact and react to dating and finding love is sooo fascinating and yes! so frustrating too!

Come along with me, contribute your opinion and outlooks on love, men and women and the promise of relationship!


6 thoughts on “About Victoria Yeary”

  1. Even though I’m not single, it makes me think of other relationship “Interludes” in my life that need to be appreciated!

    1. Thanks for reading Kathy! It was so great meeting you. I agree interludes are needed in so many ways in the steps and stages we go through. You are going through a bit of an interlude as an empty nester.
      Let’s meet soon for good coffee and talking!

  2. Hi Victoria – sorry to pester you – you’re a follower of the blog “Peace Hacks,” which has recently moved to a self-hosted site, which, for some reason means that “old” followers don’t receive post notices – it’s killing me…

    If you’re still interested in receiving notifications for posts, you can go to peacehacks.com, click the “unfollow” button (it’ll only show if you’re logged in to wordpress), then click “follow” – done!

    Thanx for being part of our community. Hope to hear from you soon

    ~ Mark

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