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How Intimate Can You Be?

We all dream of finding the 'one' who we can share our deepest feelings with; connect on a emotional, spiritual, and physical level; and thrive in each other's company. But how intimate can we really be? How deep can two people really go with each other? Intimacy is the theme of humanity. We all thrive… Continue reading How Intimate Can You Be?

Relationships and Love

Love in Your Own Backyard

Being off Online Dating has its merits. Being off Online Dating also has its minuses. Let's start with intention: You know that when you contact a person (or being contacted) that there is some sort of romantic intention in the meeting of a stranger. There are classifications of intention: a. Mr. Playboy looking for Recreational… Continue reading Love in Your Own Backyard

Relationships and Love

Restoring Your Heart After Heartbreak

I can come across confident, strong and in control, even after heartbreak. But ask any of my close friends and they will tell you otherwise. I had been dating a man, who wasn't all in. We broke it off, then in an email,  I told him I had worked through my pain over the weekend… Continue reading Restoring Your Heart After Heartbreak

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Anticipation of the First Meeting of an Online Date

Anticipation of the First Meeting of an Online Date. It is the fresh opportunity, The swirling of our imaginations and longings that create a prelude before the first scene has been written. What will I wear? Where shall we meet? What energy and vibe will I carry in my heart? Act all neutral, nonchalant as… Continue reading Anticipation of the First Meeting of an Online Date

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Attachment Styles- The New Science of Love

Amanda is dating someone new- Todd. They hit it off on their first date with common interests, hobbies and great attraction and chemistry. Over the next few weeks, the more time they spent with each other, the more Amanda became anxious about where the relationship was going. Todd was very attentive at first, calling every… Continue reading Attachment Styles- The New Science of Love