May in Colorado

I am a southern girl. I grew up in lush foliage, humid hotness and long summers where air conditioning was your best defense against the cloying heat.

Now I live 5620 feet above sea level. My windows are open and the 58 degrees is cool and comfortable.

I walk in my park- I call it my park because I am less than a mile’s walk from it. The park is green and cool and loaded with families that relax on a Sunday afternoon. I walk the 2.8 mile circumference and I am so full of joy! I see families and groups of friends in small groups across the grounds. Families who have been there for the day, tents erected for and loads of food splayed out on either a picnic table or blanket.  Lots of Latinos and Indians grouped together around picnic tables- lawn chairs (or rather collapsible chairs) with everyone relaxed and connecting in their own way. There are no cell phones, but talking and laughing and just being together.

Little fringed carriages that have two seats and everyone must contribute to the cycling to push it down the lane. and dogs every where of all sizes!

I am alone- no companion except my ITunes and sports style  blue tooth that wraps around my neck and into my ears. I feed off the green leaves sprouted fully on the trees regardless of the spring snows we have had. I am lifted by the energy of nature and people. Occasionally, I’ll say hello to someone or stop and pet a dog ( I do love dogs!). And even sometimes, I join a stranger on a walk and we talk. Who does that but a lonely extrovert?

And even though I have a very fast and intentioned walk, lately I have stopped to either sit in the cool blades of the grass under the big shade of tree or on a park bench and observe and appreciate all around me; it is glorious!

Now, I am on my couch writing this late at night. I have no air conditioning ( a sin in the south and a literal life support for hot weather). Now I look outside my big picture window (on the second floor of a small 12 unit Condo) and see tree branches full of green leaves and feel so grateful to be here, in the heart of the city and yet so surrounded by the bountiful nature of Colorado.

Come visit me- those who call me friends.


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