Night is Upon Us- a poem

The Night is Upon Us

For the Wolf, by Victoria Yeary, April 3, 2019

The night is upon me
and I hear the wolf cry
And I wonder if his cry is for me?

He is seeking a partner, someone to lie with on cold nights,
deep in the forest.
And I wonder if it’s me?

Will I give him my thoughts?
will I share the same night air, lying close enough to feel his hot breath?
Will he look out for me
in parts unknown, in places of the wild?

Or will he draw his claws across my chest?
Expose me to the wild elements?
Will my heart bleed? As I cry out?

Hooded in red velvet,
It covers me as I glide silently across the forest’s floor,
as the moon turns full and lights my way.

I am looking for the man who knows how to follow the scent,                                            how to walk deeper into the forest.
He is only worthy of my attention,
if he knows the cry of the wolf, if he knows
the way to hold me, to bring me to attention.

Daylight will come.
The den I have lain in will be exposed.
Light will scatter.
Deep impressions across my velvet robe
of paw and fur and fang,
and the scent of a man.

The Night is Upon Me

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